• Please text us when you pull in to our parking lot, and wait in your car: 704-230-1454. If you are unable to text, please call us: 704-377-2503. We will text or call you when your room is ready, and you can enter.
  • In order for this to work, you must turn on your text message function with us. Click here to do this
    There will be minimal seating in our waiting room, in order to provide social distancing, so please wait in your car when possible
  • When you enter, we will take your temperature and ask you some simple screening questions.
  • Please wear your own mask to your appointment.
  • Only patients receiving treatment are allowed in the office. Please do not bring any companions or children with you.
  • If you require assistance, you will be allowed to bring one person with you. Your companion will be asked to wear a mask.
  • Parents will not be allowed in treatment rooms with children as we are limiting people in our clinical areas.  Some exceptions may apply (please consult with our staff).
  • We are continuing to work hard to get patients back on their regular preventive cleaning intervals.  Thanks for your continued patience and scheduling flexibility.
  • Please continue to read emails from us, for updates and new information.
  • Check our website for updates in the near future