• Please text us when you pull in to our parking lot, and wait in your car: 704-230-1454. If you are unable to text, please call us: 704-377-2503. We will text or call you when your room is ready, and you can enter.

SmileCharlotte Covid Policy Update- May 19, 2021

We are excited that the restrictions on social distancing, large gatherings, and mask recommendations are easing as more people are vaccinated.    While these new recommendations from the CDC and Gov. Cooper are the first step, they still urge us all to be careful and cautious as things open back up.

The Governor’s recommendation still allows for each business to determine its own policy and we wanted to update you on Smilecharlotte’s Covid Policy as of 5/17/21

Our Clinical staff will continue to wear masks when engaging with patients

  • Our business staff will continue to wear masks in most situations, but they are all behind large plastic shields which provide a sufficient barrier.
  • As in the past, we will continue to follow all guidelines and recommendations for infection control procedures.
  • We ask that our patients continue to wear masks when they enter and leave the office for the time being. This helps ensure that we are protecting everyone, both those vaccinated and unvaccinated, especially in our close environment.

We appreciate your understanding and following our office policy as we continue to work hard to get Covid behind us and return to our more normal everyday routines.  We anticipate further changing this policy as things move forward.