Smile Makeover in a Day and Porcelain Veneers

Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference in the world. Jen was unhappy with her smile with some old bonding and teeth not in the right place. Her vibrant personality required a beautiful smile she just did not have. An exciting Smile in a Day makeover with veneers helped give Jen the smile she always wanted. Hear her story…


Implants and Crowns

A college accident changed Izzy’s smile and life as her upper front teeth were damaged, and more importantly, her beautiful smile was forever changed. Subsequent breakdown of her teeth from this incident brought her to our office. In Izzy’s case, it was all about just giving her back her beautiful smile taken from her in a split second. Listen to Izzy’s story.


Clear Orthodontics and Bonding

After years of not taking care of himself and his oral health, Casey made the commitment to change everything, including his smile. After some teeth and gums were restored to health, Casey used the Invisalign Clear Orthodontic system to give him the finishing touch to help him smile from ear to ear each and every day.


Smile Makeover and Porcelain Veneers

Lisa has spent her life taking care of others with little attention spent on herself. We tried some Invisalign orthodontics, but things were not complete. A wonderful wedding day was her impetus to let us truly fix her smile with some gorgeous veneers. And the best part of her story is that Lisa has been our lead dental assistant and clinic supervisor at Smile Charlotte since 1995. That is just part of her amazing story.


Implants, Crowns, and Veneers

An accident can and will impact your life for years and Allie has one of those stories. It has been a long and sometimes difficult process to get back your smile and confidence. And working with the Smile Charlotte team and some of the best specialists around, Allie is getting her smile back. Hear her story…..


While it may have taken a little while, there is no one more passionate about their oral health than Jeffrey. And, no one is more appreciative of the time and care that we provide to him and his family during his journey to improve his oral health and to have a great smile. Our team has fun with him, and he reminds us each day that relationship with our patients is a huge part of what we do.

Jeff and Fran

Four generations of the Lyons family continue to come through our doors and we consider it the greatest honor. With lots of great times and some challenging ones, we have been there for each other and the trust and friendship we have built with them gets stronger as the years add up. We are thankful for people like the Lyons family as they make our jobs a whole lot easier and much more enjoyable when they walk thru the door.

Vickie and Stacy

Vickie claims to be the most anxious patient we have, but we would not trade her for the world. We saw Stacy as a 4 year old some 30 years ago, and now her daughters have repeated the honor as our 3rd generation of their family to see us. We have adapted to their changing needs, but most of our work has been maintaining their beautiful smiles- and helping Vickie get a good night sleep.


The perfect smile is the one that makes you happy, the one that gives you confidence, and one you want to share with others. Whether you are a long time patient or potentially new to our practice, come share your story and smile with us, and let's make sure you have the smile you have always wanted.