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Imagine a Life of Health & Smiles!

Everyone wants a lifetime of oral health- health of their teeth and gums, and a great smile. That path, in some cases, is blocked by decayed and broken teeth, gum disease, illness, injuries, and the effects of aging. For some, the path to health is easy, but for others it can be a long, frustrating, and potentially costly road. Our goal at Smile Charlotte, is to work with you to create your personal path that creates years of oral health and a great smile. The life of a smile lives on!

Life of a Smile

"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy"

Commitment To Health

A lifetime of good oral health takes continued effort, good nutrition, and great professional care.


As your partner in creating your pathway to the most optimal health possible, we are prepared to provide all aspects of dental care from preventive visits to wide ranging offering of general dental services.


And just as important, we have cultivated a team of the best specialists in our community to work with our patients when needed.

A restful, good night sleep is crucial to your health.


Chronic snoring problems and interrupted sleep aren’t just an inconvenience but it can be a sign of more serious problems that will negatively affect your health.

The most impactful change in dentistry over the past 2 decades has been the integration of technology into the everyday treatment options in our dental practice.


While many others have sat on the sidelines using old methods and techniques, we have been a leader in using technology to advance and improve the care we provide. That is, after all, what you should expect from us.

Our Team

The strength of dental practice lies not in just our dentists, but in the group of business and clinical staff who provide so much of the wonderful care and follow up to our patients. It takes commitment, professional development and training, and a desire for excellence to be the best and our team demonstrates this each and every day. And we have a lot fun doing it together and it shows. Come meet the Smile Charlotte team in person and see what sets us apart from the rest.

Get Connected

This is our why.

We are often asked, why are we taking this 3D x-ray? This is our why. With the most advanced technology...

Beautiful Smiles!


While we are very skilled at the care we provide, our passion is building relationships with our patients. Relationships build long term trust, respect, and genuine care, three traits that you should expect from us and ones we love to deliver on. Whether you are single or we see 3-4 generations of your family as patients, we love having you as part of the Smile Charlotte family.